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Join me as I discover and learn about the spiritual world.

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Meet me. I am interested in all things spiritual, purely by accident. It’s just the way things have happened in my life.

But I’m not completely converted, I’m sceptical. I’ve had unexplained things happen to me, and at the same time other things just seem like nonsense.

So are things like crystal healing, spirit guides and sound healing techniques just in our heads or is there something in it? Join me as I go on my spiritual journey to discover the truth.

Latest Posts

  • Voices in my head before I fall asleep

    Voices in my head Do you ever hear voices in your head just before you fall asleep? It’s like tuning in a radio and picking up snippets of voices saying the odd word or two. I get a huge range of people old and young, male and female going about their everyday business. “Put the […]

  • Angel with candle

    My Spiritual Beginnings I’m on a journey, but I don’t know where I’m going. Looking back over my childhood there was always something there. Something unexplained. I just put it down to an overactive imagination. But as I take my journey through life, and I experience new things I begin to wonder if it’s more […]

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