The history and science of crystals

The history of crystals

Crystals go way back. Man has used crystals since the beginning of time and it is used in many cultures. Ancient Egyptians wore then as jewellery, had them as ornaments and buried their dead with them.

Crystals are mentioned in the bible, men would go to battle with crystals in their armour. They felt they would protect them in conflict.  The Mayans, native Americans, Aztecs, Celts, Aboriginals all used crystals.

The history of Atlantis was a high tech crystal city that used the crystals for energy. One of the theories of the full of the ancient civilisation is that they over used the energy which eventually destroyed the city.

The science of crystals

We are all made of electrons, protons and neutrons and are all vibrating. Everything made up of this energy. Crystals are universal energies. Crystals come in all shapes and forms which causes them to have their own, very different  vibrational frequencies.

Molecules in crystals are arranged in repeating patterns that are geometricaly perfect. This means they they are very unique in holding their vibrational frequency.

Humans are made up of 60% of water. Because of this it makes it very hard to keep our vibrational frequency stable. So many factors effect our moods, thoughts and feelings all the time. It’s impossible to remain stable.

Crystals have high frequencies that lift up our low ones.