All about Massage, complementary therapy. Massage can aid general well being.

Massage can relieve stress in the mind and body. It is a therapy that promotes deep relaxation.

What is Massage?

In massage, therapists press, rub and manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. They often use their hands, fingers, forearms, elbows or feet to do the massage.

How can massage help me?

Massage affects blood circulation and reduces muscular tension. A single session of massage can help reduce anxiety, blood pressure and the heart rate. Over a long period of time, it can also reduce depression and pain.

What are the different types of massage?

Swedish massage

A series of long gliding strokes, kneading and movement of joints to promote relaxation, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.

Deep tissue massage

Similar to Swedish massage but with greater pressure to the deeper layers of muscle.

Sports massage

Using Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques, sports massage is adapted for the needs of athletes for performance, training and recovery from injury.

Neuromuscular massage

A deep massage applied to individual muscles


The finger or thumb applies pressure to specific points on the body which allows energy to be released, relieving physical discomforts and re-balancing the energy flow.

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Don’t I need someone else to massage me?

It’s not always easy to have someone else massage you. It may be too expensive or you don’t have time. But it is still possible to get the benefits of massage from self-massage.

Self-massage allows you to focus on the areas that are causing you most discomfort and it can be done anywhere. If you are a little self-conscious about being touch by someone you don’t know this is a good solution for you.

Relieve neck pain & tension

Ear massage to help recharge

Soothe tired, achy feet

What do I need for a massage?

If you are going for a massage there is very little you need. It is recommended that you should not eat just before a massage.

Many self-massage techniques can be done with just your fingers, hands and elbows. There is however some basic equipment that can be useful such as a tennis ball, foam rollers or trigger point massager such as the Theracane.

Oils and lotions are often used in massage. It reduces friction making it easier if you are massaging someone else. You only need one or two drops. Using an essential aromatherapy oil can increase the benefits of the massage if you use the right one for the condition you are treating. A fluffy towel is recommended so that any stray oil doesn’t spoil the surroundings.

Candles, mood music and a warm room also make the massage more enjoyable.