Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats

All about Binaural Beats, complementary therapy. Sound frequencies that can affect your mood and relieve physical symptoms.

Binaural Beats is a type of sound therapy that dates back thousands of years.

What are Binaural Beats and how do they work?

Binaural Beats is a form of sound therapy. A frequency is played in one ear and another frequency is played in the other ear. Your head then works out the difference and hears one consistent, rhythmic frequency. This frequency can affect your behaviour, sleep cycles, ease stress and relieve pain.

How do I use Binaural Beats?

Binaural Beats are best listened to through headphones. Listening to the sounds while you fall asleep can encourage deep sleep and heal at the same time.

Binaural Beats can be listened to as often as you want. It could be daily during meditation practice when certain symptoms flare-up.

NOTE: Do not listen to Binaural Beats whilst operating heavy machinery or driving.

How loud should I play the sounds?

You should always listen to Binaural Beats with headphones. The volume should be at a level that you can comfortably hear. Having the volume louder will not make any difference to the effect the Binaural Beats have. It will not work any quicker or stronger.

How can Binaural Beats help me?

Listening to different frequencies can do anything from reducing anxiety, increasing concentration or deepen meditation. Choose one of the Binaural Beats below and give it a go over a week or so. Different Binaural Beats help people in slightly different ways, so if one doesn’t seem to work for you try a slightly different one.

There are more Binaural Beats in our Natural Healing pages depending on what you want to heal.

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What are Alpha & Delta waves?

There are five main brainwave states. Each wave has a different purpose in Binaural Beats and the sounds are created according to the needs of the user.

Delta waves1-4 HzDeep Sleep, pain relief, Anti-aging, healing, access to the unconscious mind
Theta waves4-8 HzREM Sleep, Deep relaxation, mediation, creativity, hypnopompic & hypnagogic states
Apha waves8-14 HzReduce stress, positive thinking, learning, relaxed focus
Beta waves14-30 HzFocus, high-level cognition, analytical thinking, problem-solving, stimulates energy
Gramma waves30-100 HzInformation processing, memory recall, peak awareness, transcendental states