All about Affirmations, complementary therapy. Affirmations can alter your thoughts.

Affirmations are thoughts that can create reality. It is a therapy that changes our behaviour through short, powerful statements.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are sentences aimed to affect the conscious and subconscious mind. They can change our behaviour, thinking patterns and our habits.

How can Affirmations help me?

These sentences can help turn your focus away from failures or weaknesses and more towards your strengths, new and old. Your brain can get a little mixed up in what is reality and what is imagination. This is useful as far as affirmations are concerned. Regular repetition of positive statements can make your brain believe them as fact.

If you are a person that has a lot of negative thoughts or unhealthy behaviour, affirmations can boost your mood, motivation and confidence.

How do I use Affirmations?

Set a certain time of day for repeating your affirmations. Repeat them as often as you like during the day. Build a habit of saying your affirmation every time you wash your hands.

You have to want and believe that your affirmation is possible. Any doubt will get in the way of achieving good results. Say your affirmations with love, faith and strong belief. Believe that your desire has already been fulfilled.

Start with 3-5 minutes a day at least twice a day. When you wake and before you fall asleep are good times. Repeat each affirmation around ten times. ItÔÇÖs best not to start with too many at a time. Affirmations that concentrate on the same goal are ideal.

What make a good affirmation?

Something short, and powerful. To make a simple affirmation start with ‘I am’. Always write something positive. Instead of writing ‘I will no longer be in debt’ say ‘I will wealthy and prosperous’.

There are more affirmations in our Natural Healing pages depending on what areas you want to work on.

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Do I have to say them out loud?

To speak your affirmations out loud is the best way to get results. If you are embarrassed about doing this try saying them in the car on your own or in a noisy shower. You can also write them down to train your brain to believe them. Listening to them as you fall asleep also works well. There are many affirmations with music on YouTube you can listen to as you sleep.

How long will it be before I see results?

It may take some time before you notice results. Be patient and stick with it daily.