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A-Z of Crystal Meanings

With so many crystals out there to choose from how do you know which one is the right one for you?

Our A to Z of crystal meanings is a directory of crystals used for healing, meditation and energy work.

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Which crystal is right for me?

Finding the right crystal for you and your healing journey involves intuition, personal preference, and intention. Begin by exploring different crystals and paying attention to which ones you feel drawn to or resonate with energetically. Trust your instincts and choose crystals that evoke positive emotions or sensations when you hold or interact with them. Consider your specific healing goals and intentions, and select crystals that align with those intentions. You can also research the metaphysical properties of crystals to find ones that correspond to your needs. All our crystal profiles include emotional and physical healing properties. See how to cleanse and use your crystal. Shop for crystals with links to where you can buy them.

Experiment with different crystals by wearing them as jewellery, placing them in your living or workspaces, or incorporating them into meditation or energy healing practices. Over time, you may develop a deeper connection with certain crystals and intuitively understand which ones are most beneficial for your healing journey.

If you are still not sure which crystals to use check out our A-Z Natural Healing page where you can look up emotional and physical symptoms and find out which crystals will help you with those conditions.

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