Choosing Crystals

Choosing Crystals

With so many crystals out there to choose from how do you know which one is the right one for you?

Healing crystals

Shopping for crystals

All crystals have many healing properties. When deciding which crystal to buy a great way to start is by looking at how you want the crystal to help you. Our A-Z guide for healing is perfect for that. Look up your emotional or physical symptoms and note down the crystals that appeal to you.

Take your list along to a crystal shop and browse the shelves. Close your eyes and relax to see which crystals you are most drawn to. It could be something on your list or it may not be. The important thing is to only select crystals that you feel drawn to. You might find yourself keep going back to the same crystal, if this is the case it's the one for you.

Don't be disheartened if nothing jumps out of you. It could be that the time is not right and if you do purchase something you may find it doesn't work for you.

A-Z of Natural Healing

Buying crystals on the internet

When buying crystals online you don't have the opportunity to hold them and see how they feel. In this case, you should browse the images and see what you are drawn to. Do you have the urge to touch and hold it? Then this may be the crystal you are looking for.

Other places to find healing stones

You don't just have to look for healing stones in shops and online stores. You can find healing stones when you are out walking. I'm sure you have walked along a beach full of pebbles and been attracted to beautiful, colourful stones. All stones, crystals and rocks vibrate to help us. That stone you found when out walking can work just as well for you.