Crystals for healing

Crystals for healing

Crystals for healing have been used ever since the Ancient Egyptians. They are a gentle, relaxing and natural way of healing your body and mind.

Crystal stones

Crystals, stones, rocks and gems

Crystals, stones, rocks and gems are all the same. You may see ‘healing stones’, ‘crystal & minerals’ or ‘Gemstones’.  These are all names for the same thing, in fact, any stone or rock can be used in healing. Ever been to the beach and a pebble caught your eye that you had to pick up? Maybe the stone was made for you. Perhaps it feels good to hold. Then this is a stone that will work well with you. It connects with you. It makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Why should I use healing crystals?

Crystals are a natural way of healing your body and mind. They work on balancing your bodies vibrations to become more stable this then makes you feel good or removes pain or discomfort and heals your body.

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Any of the advice on our site should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. You should always consult a doctor regarding your medical condition.

How do I use crystals for healing?

All Crystals should be given the uppermost respect. They must be treated with care and you should realise that they are powerful beings. If you respect your Crystals then they will perform best for you.

Crystals are easy to use. You can wear crystals or simply have them on your person throughout the day. Some crystals work well by placing them under your pillow.

If you choose to use crystals while meditating, then you will just hold them while you do so.

Placing crystals around the house can help with removing negative energy in the home. Each crystal works best in certain ways. See our Crystal A-Z directory for detailed information on various crystals.

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How do I start my crystal collection?

If you are new to crystals and want to start using them for healing then there are a number of crystals that will be perfect for you. The list below are common crystals that have many abilities and are a must-have to any collection.

  • Clear Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Shungite