About me

My Spiritual Journey

I suffered from depression after my two children were born and I battled with it for 10 years. After trying various things I bumped into a friend who practises Autopathy an alternative way of healing your body and mind. I felt that there was nothing left to try so I gave it a go.

It was really nothing more than healing with water but it worked. My depression left me and it opened my mind.

It opened my thoughts, to the realisation that there is something more going on than just what we see. The healing process I experienced was through my body's energy. I did not have to take medicine. I didn't practise any behaviour therapy. My symptoms were finally relieved by balancing the energy in my body.

The world opens up

After my experience, I started to look at things with new eyes. I started noticing that things would go my way. Situations would arise to answer my thoughts. I knew now that these things aren't just coincidences.
My friend had shown me the unseen world we live in that surrounds us every day. I felt happy to know that there is something else guiding us through this life of trials and tribulations.

Tapping into the unknown

I'm excited to discover this world. I get snippets of this world every now and then but I'm inexperienced and have a lot to learn. I feel I'm on the edge of something big. But I can't let my mind go completely because common sense tells me something else.

At times I'm open to anything and at other times I feel nothing and I wonder if anything is real at all.

But I will continue my journey. I will explore every corner of this new world and I invite you all to come with me, as I discover more about chakras, crystals, medication and dreams.