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Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

Sanskrit name – Vishudda
Location – Base of the neck
Colour – Blue
Element – Aether (the upper sky, it fills up the universe and the vacuum of space)
Planet – Saturn

Throat Chakra Symbol


The fifth chakra is the throat chakra. It is associated with communication. The energy from the throat chakra will allow you to express or communicate your personal truth.

A balanced throat chakra

When your throat chakra is perfectly balanced you will be able to speak your truth openly, understand your needs and desires and be able to communicate them clearly. You will understand when to speak and when to listen.

An unbalanced throat chakra

Chakras can become unbalanced when they are either blocked (B) or too open (O). This can lead to unwanted feelings and even physical symptoms.

The emotional feelings of unbalanced throat chakra include:

  • Arrogance (O)
  • Creative block
  • Dishonesty (O)
  • Excessive talking (O)
  • Fear (B)
  • Gossiping (O)
  • Lack of confidence (B)
  • Manipulative behaviour (O)
  • Poor listening (O)
  • Shyness / Timidity (B)
  • Verbally aggressive (O)
The physical symptoms of an unbalanced throat chakra are:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Cold & Flu
  • Ear infections
  • Headaches
  • Hearing problems
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Nasal passages
  • Neck/shoulder stiffness
  • Thyroid gland problems
  • Tinnitus
  • Tonsillitis
  • Throat infections
  • Throat pain
  • Toothache
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How to balance the throat chakra


Meditation helps the flow of energy and balances the chakras.

  • Sit cross-legged on a mat or sit on a chair with both feet on the floor.
  • Keep your back straight, arms relaxed and your eyes closed.
  • Take two or three deep breaths.
  • Now visualize a ball blue light coming from the base of your neck. Imagine it radiating energy outwards through the whole body.
  • Continue with the deep breathing and visualizations for as long as you are comfortable. 10 to 15 minutes is good to start with.

Try holding a crystal while you meditate or listen to some binaural beats for a stronger session.

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Crystals have the power to absorb negative energies that cause chakras to be unbalanced.

Place the crystal over the throat chakra for between 5-20 minutes. The longer you can do this for the more effective it will be. You can also carry, wear or meditate with them.

The following crystals are perfect to use for balancing the throat chakra. Generally speaking, use blue stones.

  • Rainbow Fluorite
  • Celestite
  • Blue Calcite
  • Turquoise
  • Blue Aventurine
  • Aquamarine
  • Azurite
  • Angelite
  • Blue Topaz
  • Lepidolite

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HeadphonesBinaural Beats

Listening to the frequencies in binaural beats can stimulate the brainwaves to balance the throat chakra. Binaural Beats are best listened to through headphones. Listening to the sounds while you fall asleep can encourage deep sleep and heal at the same time.

Binaural Beats can be listened to as often as you want. It could be daily during meditation practice when your throat chakra feels out of balance.

NOTE: Do not listen to Binaural Beats whilst operating heavy machinery or driving.

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Massage can relieve stress in the mind and body. It is a therapy that stimulates the energy flow and can help open the throat chakra.

Self-massage your collarbone then use your hands to stroke up your throat towards your chin. Use essential oils to enhance the massage.

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Essential oils such as peppermint, chamomile, lavender, cypress, white lotus, jasmine and bergamot can cleanse the throat chakra. We recommend this throat chakra essential oil. Use oil in a diffuser, a spritzer or in an inhaler.

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Yoga poses are a great way to cleanse and balance the chakras. The poses are designed to keep the body aligned which keeps the energy flowing. Concentrate on poses that a good for the throat chakra.

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Wear blue clothing and surround yourself in blue colours and objects. Spend time staring at the blue sky.

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Food & Drink

Fruit and vegetables that are best for the throat chakra are blue grapes, currants, grapefruit, lemons, blueberries, blackberries, plums, pears, figs, peaches, apricots and kiwifruit. Drink a herbal tea that contains throat chakra cleansing herbs.

Man walkingActivities

Activities such as singing and listening to music help balance the throat chakra. Avoid loud, heavy music as it has a negative feeling. Sing along to the radio in the shower or in the car and do it unashamedly. Spend some quiet time. Allow your inner voice to emerge. On the other hand, laughing or screaming into a pillow will also get rid of stagnant energy.

Speech bubbleAffirmations

These strong powerful statements can train your brain to think in a differnet way. Talk directly to the throat chakra to create balance. Try the following affirmations.

  • IÔÇÖm not afraid to speak my mind
  • IÔÇÖm a good listener
  • IÔÇÖm the speaker and seeker of truth
  • IÔÇÖm free of fear and anxiety
  • I feel comfortable speaking my mind
  • I communicate confidently and with ease

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Healing properties, spiritual properties, Amethyst stone benefits and powers, Amethyst meaning and uses explained.

Known as the sobriety stone, the Amethyst is a good all-rounder. The Amethyst brings peace, calm, and inner strength. A beautiful stone that will aid restful sleep and sweet dreams. Amethysts can work with you to help any depression that has built up in the past, heal sadness and grief. It will gently dissolve anger, fear and anxiety.



Varies from light purple to deep purple, often appear as stripes.

Birthday cake



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Healing properties of Amethyst

Amethyst can assist with the healing of many conditions.


  • Addictions
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Clarify your thoughts
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Grief
  • Homesickness
  • Money issues
  • Nightmares
  • Protection when travelling
  • Psychic attacks
Physical symptoms:

Spiritual properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming. It can also be used to open one’s channels to telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience, clairvoyance. It’s great at opening your communication with the angels.

How to use Amethyst

  • Meditate with it by either holding the crystal or placing it in the area of pain or organ on your body you wish to heal.┬áIf you have a large Amethyst place it beside you while you meditate so that the energy can aid your relaxation.
  • For headache release, place the Amethyst on the forehead, temples or base of the neck if a headache radiates from that point.
  • Place your crystal on your desk while you work to help you think clearly.
  • Place your Amethyst beside your bed to help with restful sleep,┬áinsomnia and peaceful dreams.
  • Wear your Amethyst throughout the day for protection and keeping your energy close. Wearing an Amethyst will also assist you in overcoming addictive habits such as smoking, drinking or drug addictions. Wear your crystal with a pendant, bracelet or pop them in your pocket.

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How to cleanse Amethyst

There are several ways to cleanse your crystal. Below are the preferred methods for the Amethyst.

Water dropCleansing in saltwater

Rinse or soak your crystal in water from the sea, a river or lake. If this is not possible you can make your own mix from sea or rock salt.

Smudge sticksCleansing with smudge sticks

Burn a sage smudge stick and wave it back and forth underneath the crystal for 20 to 30 seconds.

Cleansing using the earth

Bury your crystal for at least a day and up to several months, preferably in pure, clean soil.

DotCleansing with visualisation

Visualise a bright light surrounding the crystal dissolving all the negative energy.

How to re-energise Amethyst

After cleaning your crystal of negative energy you have to then re-energise them to restore its natural energy for healing again.

Moon and starsRe-energising in the moonlight

Place the crystals in the light of the moon for a few hours or overnight is fine. A full moon works best.

Your crystal does not have to be in direct moonlight nor will it not charge if itÔÇÖs a cloudy night. The moonÔÇÖs energy is always there.

NOTE Sunlight can cause Amethyst to fade.

Programing your Amethyst crystal

Once your crystal is cleansed and re-energised you will need to set your intentions before you use them. This is to program your crystal for a specific use.

How to set your intentions

Sit quietly and hold your crystal in your hands. Clear your mind and focus on the crystal. Concentrate on the energy you wish to program the crystal with. It could be an emotional, physical or spiritual intention. Only pick one, donÔÇÖt overload the crystal with many intentions. Continue to do this until you feel that enough has been done.

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